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Columbia Man Pleads Guilty and Sentenced to 45 Years in Prison

Monday, April 10, 2017


Columbia – Last month in Richland County, James Lamar Trapp pleaded guilty to four counts of kidnapping, five counts of armed robbery and four counts of possession of a weapon during a violent crime.  Trapp pleaded guilty before Judge Clifton Newman and was sentenced to forty-five (45) years in prison.

Trapp committed multiple crimes between June and July of 2015:
  • On June 23, 2015 around 1:10 am, James Trapp entered the Pantry Express located at 10541 Two Notch Road.  He had a black revolver and used it to demand money from the store clerk who asked him not to hurt her because she had kids. Trapp stole approximately $101.00 and the crime was captured on video. 
  • Later that day, around 9:50 pm, Trapp entered the One-stop Citgo at 8901 Two Notch Road wearing the same clothes. He pointed the same black revolver at the store clerk and demanded money from him as well. The clerk opened the drawer and Trapp stole approximately $600 from the register.  This incident was also captured on video. Investigators reviewed both videos and determined the robberies were committed by the same person. In their investigation of the Citgo robbery, law enforcement located a camouflage mask, red hoodie, and black gloves worn by the defendant. The items were analyzed for DNA and the black glove and camouflage mask matched James Trapp. 
  • On June 26, 2015, James Trapp entered the Exxon at 9401 Wilson Blvd. at 9:50 pm. He pointed the same black revolver used in his previous crimes at the store clerk and demanded that the clerk give him the money or he would shoot him.  The clerk opened the cash register and got on the ground. Trapp stole approximately $3,000 from the Exxon register. 
  • On July 1, 2015, around 10:00 pm James Trapp entered Domino’s Pizza at 100 Accolades Drive.  The store manager noticed Trapp outside and thought he may have been changing his shirt. However, Trapp entered the store with his shirt over his face and walked behind the counter.  He then threatened the manager with the same black revolver used to commit previous crimes and demanded money. The manager opened the register and stood back with her hands up. Trapp took the money and left the store. 
  • Approximately 25 minutes later, James Trapp entered the AM/PM Food Mart at 2409 Percival Road. He pointed his gun at the front counter clerk and the manager who was sitting in the store office. Trapp threatened them both with the gun and demanded money from the register. The manager opened the register and stepped away. When Trapp placed the revolver on the counter and began taking money out of the register the store manager grabbed for the gun.  There was a brief struggle before the manager got control of the gun.  Trapp tried to run out of the store. However, he ran through a door in the back that was not an exit.  In the meantime, the manager called 911. Eventually, several store employees, and a customer who had arrived later, were able to subdue Trapp until law enforcement arrived. Trapp was arrested at the scene. Due to evidence provided in video surveillance tapes, witness testimony and DNA, James Trapp was eventually charged with all of the robberies. 

On April 10, 2017, Judge Clifton Newman sentenced James Lamar Trapp to forty-five (45) years in prison.